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     I'm Ben Alexander

      Former independent contractor that turned to trading futures, stocks & options then I switched to a "perpetual like" income opportunity that I'm about to share here with you.

The Sooner You Create A Residual Income ...
The Sooner You Can Go On In Permanent VACATION!

What does residual income mean to you? Selling? Bothering friends and family? Investing?

I think of it as "What you get for doing the job right the first time" (Getting paid the rest of your life for performing a task) Like authors, song writers, movie makers, inventors ...OR buying a Winning lottery ticket?

If you're becoming frustrated in the search for your Ideal Home Business, I may have the perfect solution for you.

  • A risk-free simple system that doesn't interfere with your life.
  • Tremendous sense of achievement and satisfaction by giving family the extra luxuries & security they deserve
  • An enjoyable business which can earn at least $100 to $5000+ a week to treat yourself and loved ones.

  • You don't need to spend hours learning new skills, zero selling experience required,
    and I'll show you around. If you have absolutely no special skills, no problem.

    No catch, no strings, no hidden costs.

    1. Free Accounts. Finally, we have a company that does not have to "nickel and dime" people with enrollment fees, website fees, annual renewal fees.
    2. No Spending. Karatbars rewards Saving (Like in a piggy bank) not Spending.
    3. Not an illegal pyramid or another MLM program. Registered as an e-commerce Company with an Affiliate Program like Amazon, but we use a SYSTEM. (Save yourself Stress Time Energy & Money)
    4. I'll be adding customers & affiliates under those who register today.

    ++Acquire Spendable Gold++
    Without using out of pocket money!

    BUT some say: "GOLD IS A TERRIBLE INVESTMENT!" I agree!
    NO DIVIDENDS. However, "if you want your money to be worth
    more in the future and beat inflation, exchange some for Gold ASAP."

    Robert Kiyosaki Explains Why. I'll help you with 'how'.

    I think it makes loads more sense for those in money making programs to exchange small amounts of money for gold each month than buying juices or memberships .. Because you have something to show for it at the end of the year. With other programs the consumables you have to buy will be gone and your cash will buy even less after another year has gone by.

    Weekly pay and liquidated gold sent to
    your prepaid card.


    EVERYONE wants a steady income and financial protection.
    • Trustworthy. Safe & Secure. Licensing deal with the Vatican, Roll your IRA into gold option and we get paid on a MasterCard debit card. The highest grade gold in the world. [TESTED] Gold embedded in a certificate of authenticity OR coin.
    • There's no cost to join the movement. Accounts are free.
    • There's no monthly fees. Gold is stored free. Easy liquidation.
    • Daily webinars. Introduction and training. (We get paid unlimited levels down.)
    • Free members get paid monthly. Those
      that buy a business package ( Little as $135) get money sent to their Karatbars prepaid card each week automatically and can benefit from the affiliates we place under them.
    • Rewards program for those that take action.
      -Certified spendable gold for free.
      -Gold Rolex
      -3 New Cars. 1 Standard, 1 Deluxe, 1 Sports
      -1.2 million dollar villa anywhere in the world.
    • I have been giving my referrals their own sales page like this one

    I'm finding sophisticated people want a better vehicle to store their labor & savings. More protection. ... And that former MLM people get excited when they have something of REAL value to show for their money.

    Wishing you wealth, abundance and success!

    Ben Alexander


    (Home phone) 570 746 9204
    Skype: benatbesavy

    What others are saying..

    ZERO cost startup

    The Corporate Video ( WARNING -It's educational )

    Why Convert Money Into Spendable Gold?

    Robert Kiyosaki
    Why Savers Are Losers

    So What About 401Ks And Other confusing Financial "Products" They Try To Sell Us? You know better by now right?

    Register Now To Get My Guide
    Price comparisons, marketing ideas, help with
    followup, help with your backoffice, legitimacy...

    No monthly recruiting or purchase requirements
    Teachers are doing remarkably well.
    No upfront money needed.
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    Gold's Value MUST Increase ...
    Just Ask A Grumpy Old Man!

    As the cost of living goes up ... so does the price of GOLD!

    So simple a caveman can get it right?

    Yeah but ... "Isn't this one of those Pyramid Schemes?"


    "But There must be a lot of PYRAMIDS out there!"
    Corporations, churches, the military...

    The below vidoe has been used in courtrooms to explain how a fair
    compensation plan works

    35 Grams of the gold sent to me for sharing

    This is the highest grade gold in the world! Acquired without using out of pocket
    money, my bank or a credit card. Who needs a treasure map when you have FedEx?

    "There's two kinds of people in the world, The first kind get paid for sharing
    what they like and the second kind never do"

    We already know how to share. Have you ever sent someone to Youtube to watch a funny video?
    Did Youtube give you some of their advertising revenue to say 'thank you'?  No?   How about your
    favorite place to eat? Do they pay you when you tell others about them? No? Even though you helped
    them do more business? How about your bank? Did they put more money in your account when you
    told a new neighbor where you do your banking? No? Register a FREE account now (There's no
    logical reason not to) and learn why people all over the world are obsessed with Karatbars.

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    Stuck? I can help. Call Ben (reply) 570 746 9204

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    | How to get 13 kilos of gold for "free"

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